Medical Examination

A student-athlete may not be permitted to participate in a practice session or in any athletic event (including rifle and cheer) until there is on file, with the superintendent or principal, a statement, signed by a practicing physician, advanced nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, doctor of chiropractic or a military medical examiner, and the student’s parents or legal guardians, certifying that he or she has submitted to a history and physical examination within the prior 18 months.

Student Health Review/Exam

Parental Permission

Prior to each year of interscholastic athletic participation, a student shall furnish a statement, signed by the student and the student’s parent (or other person with whom the student has resided for a period of time approved by the Association) which, in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) and regulations thereunder, authorizes release to the school in which the student is enrolled or in which the student is participating in interscholastic activities pursuant to the student’s alternative education program, of the student’s medical history and physical examination described herein.

Submission of ASAA’s Authorization to Release Medical Information Form and the Student Health Review/Exam Form will satisfy this requirement:

Authorization to Release Medical Information