A. Chain of Command:

ASAA has established a medical “chain of command” for state tournaments. Medical decisions, including the evaluation of student participants for suspected concussions, will be made by the following medically trained individuals in the order listed below, in consultation with on-site ASAA staff. ASAA encourages the State Tournament Medical Provider to consult with other on-site providers when in his or her opinion, it would be beneficial to the injured student.

1. State Championship Medical Provider
2. Team Qualified Medical Provider
3. Team Athletic Trainer
4. Tournament Athletic Trainer
5. Tournament EMT

B. Suspected Concussion Protocol:

Per Alaska state law, AS 14.30.142, as amended, a student who has been removed from participation in a practice or game for suspicion of concussion may not return to play until the student has been evaluated and cleared for participation by an Athletic Trainer OR by a qualified person who verifies that he or she is currently trained in the evaluation and management of concussions.

As interpreted by ASAA, “Athletic Trainer” means a Certified Athletic Trainer.

As interpreted by ASAA, “Qualified Person” means either:

1. A health care provider licensed in Alaska, or exempt from licensure under Alaska law (AS
08.64.370(1), (2), or (4)), or
2. a person acting at the direction and under the supervision of a physician licensed in Alaska, or
exempt from licensure.

As interpreted by ASAA, “Trained” means that the provider:

1. Has completed the online CDC Concussion Course for Clinicians in the last two years
(https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/providers/training/index.html) AND
2. At least one of the following;

a. completed 2 hours of CE or CME in Sports Concussion Management in the last 2 years
b. completed a 1 year Sports Medicine Fellowship
c. has a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine
d. Residency in Neurology or Neurosurgery.


The coach of a student who has been removed from play for suspicion of concussion will be notified by an on-site ASAA staff member that the student will be ineligible for the remainder of that game.

The State Tournament Medical Provider or an on-site ASAA staff member will provide a copy of the ASAA Healthcare Provider Release for Student Athlete with Suspected or Actual Concussion form to the student’s parent/guardian and/or coach. This form includes the Return to Play (RTP) protocol that must be followed by a concussed athlete if he or she is to return to competition.