ASAA Media Credential Policies and Procedures

ASAA Media Credentials are intended to provide access to ASAA state championship events only. For regular season and conference/regional tournaments contests, it is at the discretion of the host school whether to honor the ASAA Media credential. Any questions or requests for clarification should be brought directly to the attention of ASAA’s State Championships Director. ASAA will issue ASAA Media Credentials only after the media outlet has submitted their application with required information, and the ASAA office has approved it. ASAA Media Credentials are for the sole purpose of providing facility access in conjunction with the state championship event. Any unauthorized use of the ASAA Media Credential subjects the bearer to removal from the event facility and possible removal of media credential.

ASAA Media Credential allows the bearer a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to cover ASAA State Championship events for news purposes only, provided that such coverage does not create confusion that the bearer or the entity he or she represents, is sponsored, endorsed by, associated or affiliated with the ASAA or any of the member schools.

• ASAA Media Credential Policies and Procedures
2014-15 Media Credential Application

Broadcasting ASAA State Championship Events

ASAA manages 28 state championship events involving over 6,000 student athletes in various locations throughout the state of Alaska. ASAA believes that these events create opportunities for student-athletes growth and at the same time developing school and community spirit and support. Broadcasting is not absolutely essential to these goals. However, due to the great distances and challenges of our state we believe that broadcasting to communities is in their best interest and ours. ASAA has certain broadcasting policies and procedures to protect the operation of our event without interference, proper use of ASAA brand and product, and promotion of our sponsors. But at the same time providing as much access to our events as possible for all broadcasting companies. The policies set forth have been developed with careful thought to provide parameters for interested stations to broadcast ASAA events to the mutual benefit of both parties.

If your interested in a radio broadcast please fill out the ASAA Broadcasting Application & the Media Credential Application. Also please consult the broadcasting rights fee schedule as some rates have changed. If you have questions please contact the ASAA State Championships Director (

2014-15 ASAA Radio Broadcasting Rights Fee Schedule
2014-15 ASAA Broadcasting Application