ASAA believes that co-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational program of a school. Each student enrolled in a member school should have an equal opportunity to participate in a broad number of activities based on her/his own talents and interests. It is the intent of ASAA to encourage participation in co-curricular activities.

Student participants are ambassadors of their schools and communities. As such, ASAA expects them to portray good citizenship, practice fair and ethical behavior, and be good role models. To ensure the health, safety, and rights of all participants in ASAA sponsored events, this code of conduct has been adopted by the Board of Directors for all ASAA State Championships.

Violation of this code of conduct will result in the removal of the student’s right to participate in the event, as well as to attend the event. Any awards or team points received by that individual during the event shall be forfeited. Complete wording in the State Championship Policies within the ASAA Handbook.

1. All participants should be under the direct supervision of a school official or his/her designee at all times.
2. All participants are expected to attend all event sessions that are required by the school/coach.
3. All participants are expected to respect the rights, cultural diversity, and safety of others.
4. All participants will treat event personnel, including officials and opposing team members and staff, with dignity and respect.
5. All ASAA sponsored events will be conducted in drug free environments. Use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances is strictly prohibited.
6. All participants will respect the property of other individuals and facilities. Vandalism, theft, and possession of stolen property will not be tolerated.
7. All coaches will adhere to the ASAA Coaches Code of Ethics contained within the ASAA Handbook.

By placing your name on this form, you have read and discussed the above guidelines with your students and agree to support this code of conduct.