Coaches Education

NEW NFHS/ASAA Coaches Education Program Now Available
The Board of Directors has adopted the Alaska Coaches Education Program for all high school level coaches who actually supervise students including coaches of all outsourced teams. (See Article 10, Sections 1-2-3 of the ASAA handbook.)

The Alaska Coaches Education Program consists of the NFHS “Fundamentals of Coaching” course (which includes the ASAA component), the “First Aid, Health, and safety for Coaches” American Red Cross course, and the Concussion in Sports. To begin taking the ASAA Online Coaches Education program, click this link:

IMPORTANT: There are other sports specific courses now available for coaches to further their education (Soccer: Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer, Wrestling: Fundamentals of Coaching Wrestling, Engaging Effectively with Parents, and Football: Fundamentals of Coaching Football, etc.) These are optional courses and do not satisfy the ASAA coaching education requirements

NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course & ASAA Component = $60
First Aid for Coaches American Red Cross Course = $45
NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Courses Information

Each coach will pay by credit card through a secure site.

Information regarding a blended version of the Fundamentals Course will be sent to member school principals and athletic directors in the coming months. Note: The ARC Sports Safety Course is only available as an online course.

Professional Development Credit
For registration information on 500-level professional development credits for teachers and administrators, contact: UAA, Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation.
Phone: (907) 786-4083

Coach Education Equivalency Request Form
Coaches who believe that they have completed an equivalent certification program such as the ASEP courses (Coaching Principles and Sport First Aid), may submit certificates directly to ASAA for review in order to determine whether that alternate program may be substituted for the NFHS requirement. When an alternate program is approved, the coach will still be required to successfully complete the Alaska Component. Please contact the ASAA office to arrange for the ASAA test and text to be sent to you for completion. Course cost is $25.
Download form in Word format (Zip Archive)
Download form in PDF format

Coaches Certification Extension Request
ASAA may grant a one time extension of this requirement upon receiving such a request. Please use this form to request an extension.

Call 907-563-3723 or email: