ASAA 2015-16 Headlines

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Revised: Out of Season Participation and “Open Facility” Policies

Students may participate in camps and travel teams only during the months of May, June, July and August. “Open facility” activities may be run outside the regular season. Use of school equipment, supplies, and name shall be determined by the school administration.

The coach or other personnel representing the school is prohibited from requiring any athlete to participate in an out-of-season sport, training program, or travel team as a condition of selection for the in-season team.

All team camps run or organized by a school coach or school outside of the defined high school season must be advertised and open to students beyond that school.

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As of January 15, 2015 the Following Bylaw Change is in Effect

Transfer Without a Bona Fide Change of Residence of Parents: A student who transfers without a bona fide change of residence of parents or guardians, is ineligible for Varsity, State Qualifying and State Championship interscholastic competition for one calendar year, from the date of first attendance in the new school. Students who live with coaches are ineligible (see Section 5, C). At schools with no sub-varsity teams, the student could ask for a waiver to participate on the varsity team during the regular season, but would not be able to participate at either conference or state tournaments.

Revised Bonafide Change of Residence Form
Updated Transfer Waiver Form