Sports Medicine


The mission of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee is to ensure that all athletes from ASAA member schools are provided with sound and consistent medical expertise to enhance the safety of their athletic experience.


The purpose of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee is to review proposals and make recommendations to ASAA’s board of directors on all issues related to the health, wellness and injury reduction of member schools’ student-athletes.
OBJECTIVES – The objectives of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee are to:
1. Gather current data on health and safety related issues.
2. Educate, interpret, monitor and disseminate materials to students, coaches and administrators concerning medical issues related to sport.
3. Assist ASAA in researching sports medical issues and/or concerns.
4. Assist in the development of guidelines related to sports medicine, in an effort to assist ASAA member schools with making informed decisions.
5. Proactively address new health and safety concerns.
6. Develop a network of medical professionals dedicated to providing member schools with appropriate sports medical education and care.


The committee will be composed of medical professionals, a coach, a referee and a school administrator. A staff member will serve as liaison to the committee.
Chair – a physician – Cary Keller, MD FACSM (Fairbanks)
Other medical – Don Lehmann, MD FACSM (Sitka) | Jeff Brand, MD, Pediatrician, Referee, (Anchorage) | Lynne Young, ACT (Anchorage) | David Head, MD (Nome)
Coach – Rus Schreckenghost
ASAA Liaison – Billy Strickland

The committee through the chair will have the authority to contact other qualified medical providers throughout the state as consultants from time-to-time as appropriate.
Specific terms for committee members will not be determined at this time as members will serve at the pleasure of the board.

3. Operational Expectations – It is my recommendation that communication to and from the board and committee be conducted through the executive director who will serve as committee liaison. Communications between committee members can be accomplished in the manner most convenient to the members. ASAA is willing to develop email accounts for committee members if requested.

The committee chair will have a standing invitation to address the board on any relevant matters during regular board meetings.

4. Budgetary Commitment – ASAA will provide adequate funding to hold two face to face committee meetings each year, at the committee’s convenience, and conference calls as may be needed to conduct the committee’s business. ASAA will also provide other incidental services as the committee may request.

5. Committee Power Structure –The committee is not empowered to take independent action or to make pronouncements. These should come from the board after considering the committee’s advice. This should be clearly stated and understood by committee members. Committee members may list their services to ASAA in their professional resumes, but are not to use their committee position in advertising or promotional materials. This is specified in a conflict of interest document.

6. Indemnification for Committee Members – The following statement from the Association’s insurer states that committee members are covered under ASAA’s Errors and Omission policy. “Insured Persons” shall mean all persons who were, now are, or shall be directors, trustees, officers, employees, volunteers or staff members of Organization or its Subsidiaries, including any executive board members and committee members who are salaried or not.”