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ASAA Guidelines for School Administrators When Implementing AS 14.30.365 in ASAA Member Schools
ASAA Eligibility Checklist for School Administrators
ASAA Eligibility Checklist for High School Students Enrolled in Alternative Education Programs as Defined in AS 14.30.365 (c) (1)
List of Statewide Correspondence Programs

Alaska Statute, AS 14.30.365, also called the ”Home School Law” goes into effect on July 1, 2013. This law will permit students who are enrolled in “alternative education programs” and accredited home schools as defined under AS 14.30.365, and who are otherwise eligible to participate in high school interscholastic activities, to select a “school of eligibility” within a public school district or private or religious school. A recent amendment clarified that home schools must be located in Alaska although not exclusively.

The following suggestions and guidelines have been developed to aid school administrators/parents/students in fully implementing the “letter and the spirit” of the law. For further clarification contact ASAA at 907-563-3723 or your school administration.

Position Statement – Private School Participation
Alternative Education Program Students In Music, Art and World Language Declamation
Q’s & A’s for Parents and School Administrators on ASAA Bylaws When Implementing AS 14.30.365

Sole DEED Recognized Accrediting Body:

“Accredited”: For purposes of determining whether a home school program is “accredited” such as to qualify as an alternative education program herein, the State Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) has identified AdvancED as the sole recognized body to accredit home school programs that have standards similar to Alaska’s standards; the Association shall regard as “accredited” those home school programs that have been accredited by AdvancED.