Good Sport Selection Form

  • ASAA encourages the development of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in its interscholastic programs. As part of the sportsmanship emphasis, ASAA recognizes a Good Sport Team at the Awards Ceremony following the State Championships for team sports.

    The Head Coach will select two (2) students from his/her team who have demonstrated good citizenship and sportsmanship throughout the season based on this criteria:

    • Accepts the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community.
    • Is a role model for other teammates both on and off the playing surface.
    • Demonstrates cooperation and respect for participants, officials and coaches before, during and after contests.
    • Respects and abides by the standards as established by the coach.
    • Treats opponents with respect; applauds for both teams during introductions, shakes hands prior to and after a contest and assists contestants who may be in need.
    • Accepts favorable and unfavorable decisions, as well as victory and defeat, with equal grace.